Edward James Olmos Confirms His Return As The Iconic Gaff

Another small piece of information has been revealed about the long awaited Blade Runner sequel Blade Runner 2049, it might not be much, but it is certainly huge for fans. On Saturday 11th March in an interview with Thetrend Talk Show, Edward James Olmos revealed as a world exclusive that he would indeed be returning as Gaff. The actor, and his agent signed a seven page N.D.A with the producers not to make public his involvement, this it seems has now been lifted.

“This is the first time that I’m telling the world that, yes, I am going to be Gaff in Blade Runner 2049. Well, it’s not about Gaff,” the actor continued, “but it’s about someone who is going to try to find out certain things about us back then. My role is like it was in the original – that time, I had only four scenes, in this I only have one. But again, it’s a poignant little scene.”

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So once again Gaff plays a small but important role in the new film, it seems clear that Ryan Gosling‘s new Blade Runner 2049 character K is trying to piece together a mystery with the aid of Deckard and Gaff. So can we expect him to also be paying Rachael A.K.A Sean Young, or Bryant A.K.A M Emmet Walsh a visit too? We will probably have to wait until October to find that out, but the fact that Eddy is returning is fantastic news for myself, and no doubt many others.

I was lucky enough to meet Mr Olmos back in October 2014 at London Film And Comic Con, and Blade Runner still clearly holds a special place in his heart. When I approached his table I simply dropped the origami unicorn in front of him and he said “Wow, love that man! I don’t need you to tell me which picture you would like me to sign do I?” With that he grabbed an image of Gaff, asked my name and inscribed it; “Its too bad she won’t live, but then again who does? Gaff. EJO.”

Thanks Gaff, I hope Bryant gave you that promotion in the end. May The Ford Be With You, P. x