Finding Ford meets Kevin Smith!

Kevin Smith and Finding Ford

I realise this project has mainly been about fanboy-ing over the past year or so, I am aware of that, but life has been getting in the way. In a very positive way my partner and I have been working very hard (I’m sure we are not alone in these times) and raising our daughter, which is a whole other adventure. I am committed to filming more interviews for Finding Ford and getting closer with the documentary when I can. I have made some progress in terms of contacting international stars, who have expressed interest in being interviewed, and other UK based stars who are ready and waiting. It’s just a matter of finding the right windows in our diaries to get it in the can.

I have not really actively sought any help with this project, but I suspect I need some in terms of crew, camera people, sound etc to help capture the next tranche of interviews. If you are Manchester/North West based, or willing to travel and interested please get in touch.

I, like you my fellow Harrison Ford fan, am at fever pitch with only two days to go before I get to see Blade Runner 2049, advance word is great and I’m so excited! I am planning to do some new blogging on the film and perhaps a facebook live video on Thursday with a spoiler free response. In the meantime here’s something cool I had to share with you all, back in July I attended Showmasters London Film And Comic Con 2017, and got to meet another one of my heroes, Kevin Smith. I attended the first ever Smodcast in the UK on the Saturday night, and the following day Kevin did a live episode of Fatman on Batman. Fandom can be great sometimes, and as a big fan of Kevin’s I made conversation with a guy in the queue, he had a Diamond pass and saved me a seat a couple of rows from the front. When the  podcast got opened up to Q&A there was only one question I could think about asking, and I had never heard it asked to Silent Bob before…You guessed it, it was about Harrison Ford…I think Kevin’s response will make you chuckle! You can watch it at 44.54mins in, check out the video below.

May The Ford Be With You, P x