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    The new documentary, a fan’s quest…
    To find Harrison Ford.

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    To Find His Hero…Harrison Ford.
    Creator Patrick James O’Hare.

    My Story

    Finding Harrison Ford on set of Indiana Jones 5 in Whitby!

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  • ROBERT WATTS (Producer)

    Interviewing the Star Wars & Indiana Jones OT Producer.

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    Nov 2019 with Paul M. Sammon,
    Author on Blade Runner.

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Finding Ford The Harrison Ford Documentary

The Harrison Ford Documentary

One Man’s Journey To Find His Hero…


The Finding Ford Concept

Finding Ford was conceptualised by life long Harrison Ford fan Patrick James O’Hare in 2016. After noticing a spate of fandom documentaries around this time. Upon considering what the subject of his personal story would be, there was really only one choice of subject matter…

To celebrate the work of Harrison Ford, and Patrick’s fandom, by telling his story, as well as the subject’s. Therefore, interviewing co-stars, filmmakers, fans, and more, to celebrate Harrison’s legacy, and what it has meant to Patrick, and so many others.
One Man’s Journey To Find His Hero…

The Genesis

Being born in 1977, and seeing the original Star Wars at around the age of two years old, Patrick instantly recognised loveable rogue Han Solo as his favourite character. Then a few years later watching Raiders of the Lost Ark, he found another favourite character, daredevil archaeologist Indiana Jones.

This eventually led to him discovering that these two characters were portrayed by the same actor, Harrison Ford. Thus, began a lifelong journey over four decades following his career, and discovering a myriad of; other filmmakers, artists, composers, collectables, friends, and more. Always with the screen icon as the genesis.

The Progress

Between trying to tackle the project alone, and starting a family, progress was slow in the beginning. But in 2019 filmmaker Steve Pilling joined the project as Director, and Finding Ford began to hit the ground Blade Running!

But then it was closed down again by a global pandemic, and the two filmmakers could only make plans, and dream about rolling some film again…

Fan’s Journey & Dream

As the world finally began to open back up, word came through that the man with the hat was back. Yes, Harrison Ford would be shooting Indiana Jones 5 in the UK! So on 9th July 2021 Finding Ford rolled film once again at Grosmont in Whitby, and the lifelong dream was realised, as Patrick met Harrison Ford in costume as Indiana Jones on set!

This Is Just The Beginning

As you can imagine after posting about the meeting on social media, the Finding Ford social media lit up like a Christmas tree! The main question being; “You’ve found him, you’ve done it, so that’s it right, the film is finished?” The simple answer is no.

This film is a celebration of the man, his movies, and his fans. So filming continued interviewing amazing people who have worked with Mr Ford over the years. So it will continue until the Finding Ford team has captured everything they possibly can. Who will be next?

Have the adventure of your life keeping up with Finding Ford!

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